Sweet Goods

Deliciously good and authentic to the core; that’s why globally recognized coffee houses choose our muffins and loaves. We’re also relentless when it comes to quality. We use only the highest quality ingredients and innovate with indulgent inclusions like real fruit and premium chocolate.


Whether it’s traditional favorites like blueberry, chocolate chip and banana or unique offerings with on-trend flavors, fillings and toppings, we make muffins that exceed expectations.


  • Traditional or an original creation, the result is a consistent muffin experience every time
  • Our unique baking process delivers the perfect crown (cap)
  • Our proprietary base uses only the highest quality ingredients, creating the perfect crumb
  • Our wide range of inclusions, fillings and toppings create an indulgent treat any time of day

Preparation Instructions


Our wide range of whole and sliced loaves are baked to perfection with an assortment of flavors that today’s customers crave.


  • A “fresh-baked” experience with the perfect bite and flavors that are sure to please
  • We use only the highest quality and cleanest ingredients to create the perfect crumb.
  • Our unique baking process creates a crown that enhances visual appeal
  • With a wide range of inclusions and toppings available, we have the optimal assortment to meet today’s consumer tastes

Preparation Instructions

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